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Musschia wollastonii Seeds

Musschia wollastonii Seeds

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Musschia Wollastonii

This is a very rare and stunningly attractive plant originating from Madeira. However, unlike the similar and equally lovely michauxias, this plant is a perennial. After a year or two building up energy to perform, the hairy rosette explodes into a firework display of numerous branching stems carrying greenish-yellow bells. Everyone who sees it finds it remarkable.

Although seeds can be sown at any time, they may be best sown in winter or early spring as they benefit from a cold spell in the wet compost after sowing to break their dormancy. We advise covering seeds very thinly indeed with sand or fine grit; a good guide is about the depth of the seed size. They may also be sown at any time, and if the seeds do not come up within 6 to 12 weeks, the damp seed tray can be given cold treatment in a fridge for about four weeks. These seeds may still take several months to appear so please never discard the pot or tray.

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