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Johnsons Sunflowers Collection Seeds

Johnsons Sunflowers Collection Seeds

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Sunflowers Collection

This collection contains different sizes, shades and shapes of this ever popular flower. Sunflowers are easy to grow, adding bright summer colour in the garden border and as a cut flower for the home.
Colour Fashion - large flowers in a wide range of colours, on tall plants for the back of borders.
Italian White - multi-branching with numerous flowers, lovely in the garden and for cutting.
Mixed - multi-branching with numerous flowers in a wide range of colours.
Red Sun - large flowers in shades of deep gold to bronze, red and maroon, add drama to borders.
Russian Giant - the traditional giant sunflower, compete to see who can grow the tallest!
Teddy Bear - dwarf fully double ' cuddly' sunflowers with 'tactile' heads that demand to be patted.

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