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Johnsons Vegetable Oriental StirFry & Salad Collection

Johnsons Vegetable Oriental StirFry & Salad Collection

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Oriental Stir-Fry & Salad Collection

This collection was selected to create delicious cut and come again baby salad leaves or mature spicy greens. Perfect for the freshest authentic stir-fries and for nutritious, unusual and mildly spicy baby leaf salads.
Choy Sum Hon Tsai Tai - colourful, tasty flower stalks, green leaves and yellow buds.
Pak Choi - Shanghai - compact heads with crisp leaves and light green stems.
Mizuna Japanese Greens - attractive leaves with distinctive flavour, flowering shoots are also edible.
Chinese Mustard Giant Red - Large tangy, spicy leaves with attractive red shading.
Spinach Mustard Komatsuna - mild gentle heat, fleshy green leaves and upright, tender stems.
Tatsoi Yukina Savoy - thick and succulent, dark green leaves with a very strong brassica flavour.

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