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Kings Seeds Bell of Ireland Molucella laevis Seeds

Kings Seeds Bell of Ireland Molucella laevis Seeds

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Bells of Ireland - Molucella laevis

Approx 200 Seeds

Bells of Ireland is a flower arrangers delight for its stunning, tall spikes with large, bright green, cup-shaped calyx. They are a beautiful flower that you can use fresh or dried in winter and flowers from August to September. This flower reaches an approximate height of 60-80cm.

Sow from March to April before sowing into trays or pots in a glasshouse at 23°C, pre-chill the seed in a fridge for two weeks. As soon as the seedlings are large enough to handle, prick off into pots or trays 8cm apart. Harden off before planting out 25cm apart from early May. Flowers from July to September.


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