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Kings Seeds Cosmos Double Click Rose Bonbon 75 Seeds

Kings Seeds Cosmos Double Click Rose Bonbon 75 Seeds

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Cosmos Double Click Rose Bon Bon

This variety is the first separate colour for a fully double Cosmos bipinnatus. It will add height and interest to the border with the blooms reaching an approximate height of 60-90cm. This Cosmos will provide bright splashes of colour all the way to late summer.

Sow from March to May in trays of moist seed compost and cover with a fine sprinkling of compost or vermiculite. Place in a warm place, and keep at a temperature between 20-25°C. Prick off glasshouse seedlings into trays when large enough to handle, 10cm apart, gradually harden off for planting out in May, 50cm apart. Thin direct sown seedlings to 50cm apart as they grow. Flowers from July to October.


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