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Kings Seeds Ipomoea Heavenly Blue 85 Seeds

Kings Seeds Ipomoea Heavenly Blue 85 Seeds

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Ipomea Heavenly Blue

Heavenly Blue is a vigorous climber, ideal for a sheltered spot or conservatory. It produces bright green foliage with stunning sky blue flowers with white eyes. This variety needs full sun and reaches the height of 200-300cm.

Sow from March to April. For early sowings, plant in pots of 4 seeds under glass at 18°C, or later sowings direct in the flowering site in groups of 3 seeds, with 15cm between groups. Glasshouse sowings should be gradually hardened off before planting out in the flowering site once all risk of frost has passed, 15cm apart. Direct sowings should be thinned to single seedlings as they grow. Flowers from June to October.

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