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Kings Seeds Lettuce Salad Bowl 1000 Seeds

Kings Seeds Lettuce Salad Bowl 1000 Seeds

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Lettuce Salad Bowl

This is the first of the "cut and come again" types to arrive in our gardens. Salad Bowl forms bright green serrated leaves in large heads, which provides a different texture to salads.

Sow the seed from February to July. Sowings can be made under glass in pots or trays. Keep at a temperature of 15-20C and lightly cover seeds with sprinkling of vermiculite or compost. Alternatively sow seeds from April thinly along rows 1.5cm deep and 30cm apart direct in the vegetable plot. Sowings made under glass can be pricked out into individual pots or module trays and grown on until ready to harden off and plant out into the vegetable plot. Seedlings sown direct outside can be thinned once large enough to handle to 30cm (12in) apart. Water well during hot dry spells.


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