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Kings Seeds Pea Carouby de Maussane 250 Seeds

Kings Seeds Pea Carouby de Maussane 250 Seeds

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Pea Carouby de Maussane

Carouby de Maussane is a tall growing, mangetout variety with attractive purple flowers. It produces large pods growing up to 11cm long. The peas have a sweet flavour and the plant will grow to a rather tall height of 150cm.

Sow from May to May. Prepare a flat bottom drill, 5cm deep and 10cm wide. Space seeds 5cm apart throughout the drill allowing 60cm between the drills. Then cover over with soil and gently tamp down with the back of a rake. It is advisable to give some net protection from birds. Once seedlings start to grow, then add some net support for plants to climb and hold the crop. Alternatively very early spring sowings can be made in February or March into a length of plastic gutter or modular cells, under glass and then planted out against wires. Slide contents of gutter into a shallow drill made in the plot or space modular plants 10-15cm apart once hardened off. Ready to harvest from July to September.


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