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Mr Fothergills Fun Seeds Halloween Heads 10 Seeds

Mr Fothergills Fun Seeds Halloween Heads 10 Seeds

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Fun Seeds - Halloween Heads

The pumpkins can be carved into heads for Halloween, or just eat the flesh in pies.

CAUTION: Not suitable for children under 3 years of age. Adult supervision recommended. Seeds and plants are best treated as potentially harmful, unless they are known to be edible.

Sow indoors, from April to May. Put 1 or 2 seeds, 1.5cm deep, in pots of seed compost. After a few weeks, when the seedlings are growing strongly, place them outside for a few hours during the day, avoiding frosts. Plant out in the garden, late May to June. Or, sow outdoors, from May to June, where they are to crop. Allow 1m between plants. Pinch out the very tip of the plant to help contain its size, once 4 fruits have started to grow. Water regularly. Harvest from September to November.

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