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Mr Fothergills - Vegetable - Pea - Wando - 200 Seeds


Mr Fothergills - Vegetable - Pea - Wando - 200 Seeds


Pea - Wando

Wando produces excellent crops of uniform pods, reaching up to 12cm in length. The pods are generously filled with up to 10 full-flavoured, juicy peas, which are a good source of vitamin C, vitamin K and vitamin A.

Sow outdoors where they are to crop, in flat drills 15cm wide and 5cm deep. Sow in a zig-zag fashion along the drill, allowing 5cm between seeds. Fill the drill with fine soil and firm down gently. Allow 60cm between rows. Keep moist. Seedlings usually appear in 10-18 days. Early sowings benefit from frost protection. Sticks or twigs placed either side of the row for support will make picking easier. Water well until plants are established. Successional sowings will ensure a continuous supply and long harvest. Pick regularly for the best yields.

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