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Organic Sprouting Seed Mung Bean Seeds

Organic Sprouting Seed Mung Bean Seeds

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Organic Sprouting Seed - Mung Bean

This is a popular Chinese bean sprout, whose white sprouts can be used in salads, stir fry and numerous Chinese dishes. Harvest when 3-4cm long after 4-6 days.

It can be grown in the same way as cress. The most common way to grow is in a jar. Do not over fill the jar. Soak the seeds overnight in tepid water after washing them. Drain the seeds and place them in a clean jar. Use a piece of muslin or old tights for a cover and secure with a strong rubber band. Fill the jar with water and then pour off, leaving nicely moistened seeds in the jar. Lay the jar on its side with a small block under the solid end so any excess water gradually drains off. Keep in a warm place and repeat the wetting and draining twice a day. Insufficient water and the sprouts will die, too much retained water and mould will form and kill the sprouts.

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