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Thompson & Morgan RHS Beet Wodan F1 Hybrid 150 Seed

Thompson & Morgan RHS Beet Wodan F1 Hybrid 150 Seed

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Beetroot Wodan F1

This variety features high quality, round, bright red fleshed roots which do not go woody. Beetroot Wodan has wonderful flavour when freshly cooked, either as 'baby' beet or as larger roots. It is ideal for pickling, and the young leaves can be used as an alternative to spinach. The seeds are in the RHS Vegetable Collection.

Sow seeds from early April to July. Sow in well prepared, fertile soil 13mm deep in broad drills, spacing seeds about 2cm apart. Allow 25cm between drills. Beetroot also responds well to module sowing: sow 4 seeds per module, and transplant each module when 5cm tall, allowing 7-10cm between each plant. For baby roots, no thinning will be necessary. For larger roots, thin seedlings to 5cm. Young leaves and stems can also be used as a spinach alternative. It prefers a moist, rich, well drained soil in cool conditions.

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