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Thompson & Morgan - Vegetables - Swiss Chard Bright Lights - 80 Seed


Thompson & Morgan - Vegetables - Swiss Chard Bright Lights - 80 Seed


Swiss Chard - Bright Lights

This is an exciting mixture offering coloured stems in classic red, white, pink, violet, green, gold, orange, yellow and some even striped! The wonderfully coloured stems of Swiss Chard Bright Lights are crowned with large foliage of green or bronze. It is guaranteed to brighten the vegetable patch or why not grow Swiss Chard Bright Lights in the border. The flavour is deliciously mild and packed with nutritional content coming to harvest about 60 days after sowing.

It crops from mid-summer to late autumn. After a normal winter, it will re-emerge to give an unbelievably early spring crop. Sow seeds from April to July, very thinly in drills 3cm deep in rows 30cm apart. As the seedlings grow, gradually thin out to 23cm apart. The seedlings can be trimmed of their roots and cooked. Water freely through the season and harvest by picking a few leaves at a time, snapping them off near the base of the plant, from several plants rather than completely stripping one plant.

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