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Thompson & Morgan Pea Hurst Green Shaft 250 Seed

Thompson & Morgan Pea Hurst Green Shaft 250 Seed

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Pea - Hurst Green Shaft

This is a super heavy-yielding variety that is double podded and features outstanding pod length - 4 to 4.5 inches, with 9-11 peas in a pod. It grows to only 28 -30 inches tall, with all the pods in the top 10-12 inches - no more backache. It is a second early, wrinkle seeded variety, which matures in 100 days from sowing. It resists downy mildew and fusarium wilt, and the taste has to be eaten to be believed!

Sow seeds from March to June every 10 days for succession in flat bottomed drills 5cm deep, 15cm wide spacing the seeds roughly 5cm apart. Allow 90cm between rows. When 7.5-10 cm tall provide twiggy sticks for support. Watering when in flower will improve the crop. The peas are ready to pick around 14 weeks from the sowing date. Regular picking will improve cropping.

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