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Thompson & Morgan Swede Magres 1000 Seed

Thompson & Morgan Swede Magres 1000 Seed

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Swede - Magres

Excellent coloured and shaped, Magres has purple topped roots with fine grained, good flavoured, yellow flesh, free from bitterness. Swede Magres is an excellent culinary swede, fully winter hardy, with mildew resistant foliage.

Sowing from April to June thinly, 1cm deep in drills 30cm apart in well-drained, fertile soil, which has been raked to a fine tilth. Water ground regularly, especially in dry periods. Thin out seedlings at an early stage, to 10-15cm apart. Hoe regularly, taking care not to damage the roots and keep well-watered. They are hardy and can be pulled as required from autumn to Christmas. After this lift and store in a pit like carrots or in boxes of damp sand. The young leaves also make tasty and nutritious spring greens.

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