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Thompson & Morgan Carrot Fly Away F1 Hybrid 400 Seed

Thompson & Morgan Carrot Fly Away F1 Hybrid 400 Seed

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Carrot - Fly Away F1 Hybrid

This is a British bred carrot with partial Carrot Fly resistance, due to lower levels of chlorogenic acid within the developing roots. Carrot Flyaway is naturally sweet, producing early blunt ended roots, with good skin and flesh colour.

Carrots prefer a deep, rich, well-drained soil which does not contain fresh manure or compost. Sow seeds spring to mid-summer in drills 1cm deep, spaced 30cm apart. As soon as the seedlings are large enough to handle, start thinning them out so that they are finally 1cm apart. The last thinnings should provide tender roots just large enough to be used. Harvest summer and autumn.

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