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Thompson & Morgan - Flowers - Stocks Virginia Mixed - 1000 Seed


Thompson & Morgan - Flowers - Stocks Virginia Mixed - 1000 Seed


Stocks - Virginia Mixed

In just 4 weeks from sowing you will have sweet scented flowers of pink, white and lavender. This is a bright and colourful mixture of one of the easiest grown and hardiest of all dwarf annuals. It is an infallible standby for edges and borders coming very quickly into bloom in the summer.

Sow in spring outdoors where they are to flower. Prepare the ground well and rake to a fine tilth before sowing. Sow 3mm deep in rows 30cm apart, but do not exclude light, which is beneficial to germination. Germination usually takes approximately 21 days. When large enough to handle thin out to 8cm apart. They prefer a sunny open site but will grow in almost any soil. Seed sown in the autumn will flower in the following spring. For a beautiful display of colour during the day plus exquisite fragrance at night mix with an equal quantity of Night Scented Stock before sowing.

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