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Broad Bean The Sutton Dwarf Seeds

Broad Bean The Sutton Dwarf Seeds

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Broad Bean - The Sutton Dwarf Seed

The Sutton Dwarf is a smaller bushy plant ( 30cm tall ) that does well in smaller gardens and sights that are exposed to wind. It has a delightful flavour and the heavy crop is ideal picked and eaten fresh or for freezing. 

The seeds can be sown in the Autumn or Spring. This type is slower growing than many other broad beans but just as tasty, The Sutton is suitable for spring or autumn sowing. It is ideal for small gardens and very exposed sites, where taller beans may suffer from wind rock.

Growing Instructions

Sow the seeds in the autumn or early spring when the soil has dried sufficiently. The ideal spot will be sunny and been manured the previous year.

Plant in double rows about 2 inches ( 7cm) deep about 9 inches (23cm) apart. The double row should also be 9 inches (23cm) apart.

The plants do not need support, just keep well weeded and harvest the pods when young.


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