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Chamomile Lawn - Roman Chamaemelum Nobile Seeds

Chamomile Lawn - Roman Chamaemelum Nobile Seeds

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Lawn or Roman Chamomile - Chamaemelum Nobile

Lawn or Roman Chamomile - used for centuries for making lawns, this variety is a low-growing, creeping plant, with dark green, finely divided leaves that are aromatic when crushed with a sweet apple fragrance. Reaching a height of 10cm (4in), it has small white, daisy-like flowers all summer.

Sow under cover in early spring (February or early March), providing bottom heat of 19°C using good quality seed compost with added perlite for drainage. Plant out in the lawn area in late spring (usually May). Or direct outdoors: broadcast on finely tilled, weed free soil, in May, thin to 10 cm spacing. Keep trimmed back to 15 cm tall to encourage spreading.

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