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Mushroom - Blue Oyster Mushroom Log Growing Kit - Gift Pack

Mushroom - Blue Oyster Mushroom Log Growing Kit - Gift Pack

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The blue grey oyster mushroom is a distinctive blue to grey colour, they have a soft texture and slightly meaty taste. This kit allows you to grow the mushrooms in a natural way with your own hardwood log and mushroom dowels.

When you order the gift option then you relieve a spawn voucher. When you are ready to plant your kit you redeem your free voucher and receive 50 pre-inoculated dowels.

This natural method of growing means you should get 4 to 6 harvest each year which will go on for about 8 years

The ideal growing conditions for the kits are 14 – 17C with a harvest in autumn or spring. The best hard wood logs to use are Alder, Beech, Hornbeam or Oak

Each kit contains your voucher for 50 fresh blue oyster plugs, log sealing wax, waxing brush, drill bit and detailed growing instructions provided by experienced growers.

Item sent straight from grower on Tuesdays and Fridays

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