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Mr Fothergills Cosmos Tetra Versailles Flush 60 Seeds

Mr Fothergills Cosmos Tetra Versailles Flush 60 Seeds

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Cosmos Tetra Versailles Flush

A spectacular variety for colourful borders and cutting. Large vigorous border plants which flower all summer. Bring a burst of color to your garden and bring in endless bouquets with these large, vigorous border plants that bloom all season long. 

How to sow and grow

Sow in trays of compost, placing seeds 0.5cm (1/4") deep for the best results. Ensure the trays are watered well and located in a warm area with a temperature of 15-20C (60-68F). Keep the soil moist and within 14-21 days, seedlings should appear. Once they are large enough to handle, transplant them 5cm (2") apart into other trays. When handling, always use a leaf and avoid touching the stem. Continue growing in cool, but not cold, conditions. Gradually introduce the young plants to the outdoors, being careful to avoid frosts. Once all risk of frost has passed, plant them out 30cm (1') apart. For a longer flowering season, remove dead flowers. Cosmos is a hardy plant that can thrive in poor soils and dry summers.

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