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Echium Pininana Red Rocket Seeds

Echium Pininana Red Rocket Seeds

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Echium Pininana - Red Rocket

This is an amazing 5 to 6 foot show-stopper! Echium wildpretii is one of the world's most impressive plants with its 3 foot spike of raspberry-red flowers erupting from a swan's nest of grey furry leaves, but it can sometimes succumb to frost and winter wet. Fat, bee magnet spikes are thickly crowded with dark pink or strawberry-red flowers, all having blue-pollen-powdered anthers. In a sheltered spot against a wall or under a hedge it is surprisingly hardy, standing a fair bit of frost.

Sow finely and evenly. Cover thinly with compost or grit. Sow in a cool covered light spot outside, and keep moist. Grow individual seedlings in 3" pots.

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