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Johnsons Courgettes & Summer Squashes Collection

Johnsons Courgettes & Summer Squashes Collection

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Courgettes & Summer Squashes Collection

This collection contains productive varieties with fruit in an attractive range of colours, shapes, textures and flavours. Ideal for salads, stir-fries and as a steamed or baked vegetable.
Black Beauty - good flavoured succulent fruits with very dark skins.
Golden Zucchini - attractive, thin skinned, golden cylindrical fruits with crisp flesh and good flavour.
Lebanese - unusual pale green 'club' shaped fruits with an excellent flavour and texture.
De Nice a fruit round - novel round fruits up to the size of a tennis ball, wonderful stuffed.
Patty pan - pale green, pie shaped fruits with scalloped edges, can be steamed whole if picked small.
Yellow Scallop - slightly larger golden yellow scalloped fruits, great hollowed out and stuffed like a pie.

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