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Johnsons Basil Red Leaved 300 Seeds

Johnsons Basil Red Leaved 300 Seeds

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Basil Red Leaved

Enhance the visual appeal of salads, pasta, and pizza with the deep red-purple leaves of Johnsons Basil Red Leaved. This herb is a vibrant and versatile option for both herb gardens and mixed patio containers.

How to sow and grow Basil

Sow indoors from March 0.5cm deep in good quality soil. We plant several seeds per pot. The plants can be potted up and placed on a kitchen window or we will plant some in 1 or 2 litre pots and grow on as a companion plant to tomatoes in the greenhouse.

The plants can be grown outdoors from late May when the risk of frost has past at a space of 30cm apart. They are best grown in well-drained soil in a sheltered place in the garden.

Sow direct in drills, when the soil has warmed up in May and then thin to 30 cm spacing.

Can be grown all year round on the windowsill.

For detailed growing instructions and ideas of which Basil varieties to grow click here


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