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Kings Seeds Broad Bean Karmazyn 45 Seeds

Kings Seeds Broad Bean Karmazyn 45 Seeds

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Broad Bean Karmazyn

This is an unusual bean with carmine-pink seeds. It is a compact growing type, producing a large crop of tasty colourful beans.

Sow from February to April. February sowings in pots or root trainers in the greenhouse or under cloches in the growing site. For later sowings, draw out seed drills direct into the growing site 5cm deep in rows , spacing the seeds 10-15cm apart ,and spacing the rows 60cm apart. Glasshouse seedlings should be transplanted to the growing site in March, 10cm apart in rows 60cm apart. Outdoor sowings should be thinned to 10cm apart, the thinnings can be transplanted to make extra rows. When the first beans form, remove the top 6cm to help discourage black fly. Harvest once pods become filled with succulent tasty young beans.


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