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Kings Seeds Carrot Flyaway F1 Hybrid 500 Seeds

Kings Seeds Carrot Flyaway F1 Hybrid 500 Seeds

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Carrot Flyaway F1 Hybrid

This variety is more tolerant to Carrot Fly as it is far less attractive to the egg laying flies. However for complete protection, plant another variety to act as a sacrificial crop. The carrots are broad-shouldered, stump-ended roots with smooth skin and excellent colour.

Sow the seed from April to July direct into the growing site, 2cm deep in rows 30cm apart. If possible sow carefully so that thinning is not necessary. Carrot fly is attracted by the smell whilst thinning, If you have to thin the seedlings, do so in the evening. Water before thinning and remove all the debris. Do not transplant. Aim for roots 5-7cm apart. Young Carrots can always be pulled alternately to 'thin as you eat'. Ready to harvest from June to November.


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