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Kings Seeds Cucumber Passandra F1 Hybrid 4 Seeds

Kings Seeds Cucumber Passandra F1 Hybrid 4 Seeds

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Cucumber Passandra F1 Hybrid

Passandra F1 has been specially bred to produce an abundance of fruits for picking when about 20cm long. The cucumbers are bitter free with crisp white flesh.

Sow the seeds from February to May. Sow seed on its edge to prevent rotting, 1.5cm deep in individual 9cm pots. Place under glass at a constant day and night temperature of 21°C. As soon as the seedlings have formed 3 true leaves, transplant into 15cm pots. When the plants are about 10cm tall, plant out outdoors once hardened off and all risk of frost has past. Grow up against netting or allow to trail along the ground. Male flowers (those with no fruit behind) can appear under stress conditions, these should be removed immediately. Ready to harvest from August to September.


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