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Kings Seeds Leek Tadorna 250 Seeds

Kings Seeds Leek Tadorna 250 Seeds

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Leek Tadorna

Tadorna produces a medium-long, is extremely winter hardy leek with a very upright habit. Not only is the leek a well-known tasty winter vegetable, but its root system has the added advantage of improving heavy soils. Leeks are in the ground for quite a long time and do take a fair amount of work, but they really are worth all that effort; so its not surprising they will be found on almost every vegetable plot.

Sow the seed from March to April thinly in a well prepared seed bed in shallow drills 2cm. They can also be sown earlier in trays under glass for exhibition work. Thin seedlings as they grow to 4-5cm apart. When the seedlings are about the thickness of a pencil, they should be lifted and transplanted. Make a hole 15cm deep with a rod, trim off the ends of roots and leaves, drop into hole and fill with water. Do not fill the hole with soil. Ready to harvest from August onwards.

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