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Kings Seeds Onion Long Red Florence 250 Seeds

Kings Seeds Onion Long Red Florence 250 Seeds

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Onion Long Red Florence

Long Red Florence onion is a traditional torpedo shaped red onion from Italy. It produces good size, deep purple-red bulbs. One of the most popular crops for the gardener, onions are a huge must for any allotment holder or for the gardener who has their own little vegetable garden at home, as they are so versatile and can be used for a variety of different things.

Sow from February to April. Sow thinly in shallow 1cm deep rows, 30cm apart. Can be sown as 2 or 3 seeds in plug cells. As soon as seedlings are large enough to handle, start thinning out until about 10cm apart. Plant out plug-grown plants when seedlings are about 10cm tall. The onions are ready to harvest from late July onwards.

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