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Kings Seeds Parsley Plain 1000 Seeds

Kings Seeds Parsley Plain 1000 Seeds

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Parsley Plain

Plain or French Parsley is the variety that is used all over Europe. It produces flat, dark green leaves with the most outstanding flavour of all the varieties available, making it the ideal addition to any meal, including fish and salads. It can also be used as one of the ingredients in a bouquet garnish.

Sow the seed all year round. Early sowings can be made into pots or trays under glass at 15C, lightly covering the seed with a sprinkling of compost. Sowings can also be made at regular intervals into small pots of compost on a warm light windowsill all year round. Alternatively sow seed thinly in April to May direct outdoors where they are to crop, 1cm deep, into finely-prepared soil. Windowsill sowings can be harvested as required.


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