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Kings Seeds Parsley Triple Curled 500 Seeds

Kings Seeds Parsley Triple Curled 500 Seeds

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Parsley Triple Curled

Parsley is the most popular and widely grown of all the herbs. It is rich in vitamins and can be used raw as a garnish or in salads. It is so versatile it can even be added to many recipes and sauces during cooking. It is ideal for freezing but as it is such a hardy herb, there is rarely any need to do this. The ideal plant to have on your window sill in your kitchen! Triple Curled gives a prolific supply of lush green leaves with heavy curling. This variety has a delicious, fine flavour which is ideal for flavouring fish dishes.

The seeds can be grown all year round. Early sowings can be made into pots or trays under glass at 15°C. Lightly cover the seed with a sprinkling of compost. Sowings can also be made at regular intervals into small pots of compost on a warm, light windowsill all year round. Alternatively Sow seed thinly April to May direct outdoors where they are to crop, 1.5cm deep, into finely-prepared soil. Glasshouse sowings can be pricked out into individual pots or trays and grown on under glass before gradually hardening off in a cold frame and planting out after all risk of frost has past. Outdoor sowings should be gradually thinned to an eventual spacing of 25cm. Windowsill sowings can be harvested as required.

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