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Kings Seeds Parsnip Countess F1 Hybrid - 350 Seeds

Kings Seeds Parsnip Countess F1 Hybrid - 350 Seeds

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Parsnip Countess F1 Hybrid

Countess F1 parsnip is a main crop variety with a good disease tolerance and a high yield. The root forms a smooth skin and is very uniform in shape. Making it the ideal choice for the show bench. Parsnip is a particularly British vegetable because of its winter hardiness. Thankfully it is now reviving as a popular choice thanks to more imaginative uses in cooking. Roast with your Sunday joint or par-boil, roll in flour and Parmesan cheese and roast, delicious!

Sow from March to May, thinly direct into the growing site 2cm deep in rows 45cm apart. Try to choose a stone-free tilth growing site. Parsnips can take up to 8 weeks to germinate depending on soil temperatures. You are better to delay sowings if soils are wet and cold. Do not transplant seedlings. As soon as seedlings appear, they should be gradually thinned until plants are 10cm apart. Hoe regularly, taking care not to damage the crown of the root.

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