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Kings Seeds Sweet Pea Snoopea 30 Seeds

Kings Seeds Sweet Pea Snoopea 30 Seeds

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Sweet Pea Snoopea Mixed

This is a completely different semi-dwarf sweet pea from all the others we offer. There is no need for support as these plants are self supporting. They create a self-supporting mat of green above which the flowers are held well above the foliage.

Sow from September to April. September and April sowings can be made in flowering site, 2cm deep. For later sowings, place in pots, with 5 seeds in each. For October, November and March sowings, keep in a cold frame. For January sowings, keep in a heated glasshouse. Glasshouse raised seedlings should be hardened off during March. Plant out pot grown seedlings in the flowering site, 15cm apart in April. Thin direct sown seedlings to 10cm apart. Provide sturdy support for plants. Pick flowers regularly to encourage new growth. Ready to pick from late June to September.

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