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Kings Seeds Turnip Milan Purple Top 1200 Seeds

Kings Seeds Turnip Milan Purple Top 1200 Seeds

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Turnip Milan Purple Top

Milan purple top produces light purple and white, flat-shaped roots with white flesh within. It is a fast to mature variety and is ideal for an early start under cloches. Turnips are fast growing root vegetables which add a different flavour grated raw in salads, added to casseroles or served as a separate vegetable completely.

Sow from March to June. Early sowings are best made under cloches. Sow seed direct into growing site in seed drills 2cm deep with rows spaced 30cm apart. Sow in succession every 14 days to prolong the harvest period. As soon as first rough leaves appear, thin to 10cm apart. Harvest when the roots are golf ball size. Pull alternate roots to maximise the crop. Water regularly during hot, dry weather to prevent roots from going woody.


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