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Kings Seeds Cucamelon 20 Seeds

Kings Seeds Cucamelon 20 Seeds

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Rampant, trailing vines produce a constant stream of fruit throughout the summer. The grape-sized cucumbers have the taste of watermelon mixed with a fresh tinge of lime.


Sow the seed on its edge to prevent rotting, from April to May, 1.5cm deep in individual pots and leave under glass at a constant temperature of 21°C. When the plants are about 10cm tall, plant out outdoors in a sheltered spot once hardened off and all risk of frost has past. Grow up against netting or allow the plant to trail along the ground. It can also be cropped under glass if planted into large pots or growbags. Provide some form of support and tie in stems as required. The fruit will be ready to harvest from July to September.


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