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Lettuce Green Incised Salanova Exanimo RZ - LS11106 Seeds

Lettuce Green Incised Salanova Exanimo RZ - LS11106 Seeds

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Green, tender leaves with a lot of volume.

Exanimo RZ is a green incised lettuce variety for outdoor cultivation, with tender leaves, a lot of volume and a high yield. This variety is particularly well suited for mechanical harvesting.

Exanimo is a Salanova® variety. With just one cut at the base, Salanova lettuce separates into multiple evenly proportioned, ready-to-eat, leaves. Salanova® lettuce have up tot three times more useable leaves than traditional lettuce.

Exanimo RZ also benefits from the Rijk Zwaan Knox™ trait. Knox™ is a naturally occurring trait that has been bred into this variety. This trait delays the pinking of cut leaf surfaces, offering longer shelf life and a more attractive processed product. This means less food waste and more profit.

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