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Lettuce Salanova Green Knox Chalmers RZ Seeds

Lettuce Salanova Green Knox Chalmers RZ Seeds

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Delayed pinking after cutting

Salanova® Chalmers RZ Knox™ is a green butter multileaf lettuce. It is a member of the Salanova family; with just one cut at the base, the lettuce separates into numerous tasty, ready-to-eat, evenly proportioned baby-size leaves, which is an advantage for consumers, chefs and the fresh-cut industry alike. Additionally, Chalmers RZ has the Knox trait which reduces pinking in lettuce after cutting, thus extending shelf life and reducing waste. This variety has mid-green-coloured leaves with a nice shape and size and a sweet and subtle flavour. Chalmers RZ is recommended for outdoor cultivation, as well as indoor cultivation, hydroponics and plant factories.

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