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Lettuce Salanova Red Butterhead DAVINCI RZ Seeds

Lettuce Salanova Red Butterhead DAVINCI RZ Seeds

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Shiny red leaves with good contrast

Salanova® Davinci RZ Knox™ is a red butter multileaf lettuce. It is a member of the Salanova family; with just one cut at the base, the lettuce separates into numerous tasty, ready-to-eat, evenly proportioned baby-size leaves, which is an advantage for consumers, chefs and the fresh-cut industry alike. Additionally, Davinci RZ has the Knox trait which reduces pinking in lettuce after cutting, thus extending shelf life and reducing waste. This variety has attractive, shiny red leaves with a good contrast. They are strong and easy to harvest. The head has a large size, a nice rosulate shape and a closed base. Davinci RZ is recommended for outdoor production and for hydroponics, both regular and organic. This variety is also suitable for high-density plantings and machine harvesting.

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