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Mr Fothergills

Mr Fothergills - Wild Flower - Yellow Rattle - 150 Seeds

Mr Fothergills - Wild Flower - Yellow Rattle - 150 Seeds

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Also known as ‘Hay Rattle’ this wildflower is a traditional signal to hay-markers. Plants produce pretty yellow blooms and help to reduce the vigour of grasses by attaching onto their roots and feeding from them. Therefore, enabling other wildflowers to flourish. Their dry seed pods rattle, hence, their name!

Height: 50cm(20in) Plant Class: Hardy Annual (HA).

Sow outdoors: where they are to flower, thinly, directly onto a grassy area which has been watered and roughly raked to expose some soil. Seedlings usually appear in 14-28 days. No thinning is necessary if sown thinly. Water well until plant are established. Autumn sowings often germinate best and will flower the following year, often earlier than spring sowings.

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