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Mr Fothergills

Mr Fothergills RHS Vegetable Carrot Marion F1 - 400 Seeds

Mr Fothergills RHS Vegetable Carrot Marion F1 - 400 Seeds

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A high-quality Nantes variety that is suited for all year round growing as it stays in good condition in the ground for several months and is hardy enough to over-winter in all but the coldest regions.

Produces tasty carrots with no green shoulders. Harvests are truly excellent and over a long period.

Sow outdoors: March to June, in a prepared seed bed. Sow thinly in rows 30cm apart. Cover lightly with 1.5cm of fine soil. Firm gently and keep moist. Seedlings appear in 14-21 days. For a continuous supply sow every 2-3 weeks. When harvesting, select alternate young carrots from the row, allowing the remainder to develop fully. No other thinning is needed if sown thinly. Keep well watered to prevent the roots from splitting.

Harvest: August to March.

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