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Mr Fothergills - Vegetable - Leek - Autora F1 - 30 Seeds

Mr Fothergills - Vegetable - Leek - Autora F1 - 30 Seeds

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Reliable autumn / early winter crops Non-bulbing with a delicious, mild flavour. Rust resistant, holds well in the ground. Excellent source of vitamin C, iron and folate Sow indoors 0.5cm deep, in a tray of compost. Water well and place in a cold frame or unheated greenhouse. Keep moist. Transplant 5cm apart to other trays when large enough to handle. Gradually accustom young plants to outside conditions (avoid frosts), before planting out. Apply high nitrogen fertiliser to your leek bed just prior to planting them out in summer to help them through a long growing season.

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