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Pea Early Onward Seeds

Pea Early Onward Seeds

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Pea Early Onward

An early variety of Onward, maturing about 10 days earlier than the standard variety. It is a high yielding, heavy cropping variety producing upto 8 peas per pod.

Sow the seed from April onwards when the soil is warm. Make a drill about 12-15cm wide and 4-5cm deep, sow seeds 5cm apart throughout the drill, water and then fill in. Regular watering is essential once the plants are in flower and pod.

This is one of our favourite maincrop varieties which always produces a good crop. It needs some support. As well as sowing direct we will sow in old guttering in the greenhouse for hardening off and planting out to get an earlier crop. Germinates at 5 - 25C

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