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White Cabbage Toughma RZ F1 Hybrid Untreated Seeds

White Cabbage Toughma RZ F1 Hybrid Untreated Seeds

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White Cabbage - Toughma RZ F1 - Untreated

A great variety for the home gardener as well as the professional grower

This is a top quality commercial variety from Rijk Zwaan now available for everyone to try. It is foil packed for extra freshness.

Has two distinct places in the UK market, as a green cabbage which can be cut throughout the summer but also as a first early Dutch White type, where it is one of the earliest varieties on the market. It matures 70-80 days after transplanting. It produces round solid compact heads, which mature around 1 kilo ideal for either the white or green market. It stands well with good resistance to splitting and can be used in a continuity programme all summer long.

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