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Salad Mesclun Baby Leaf Mix Seeds

Salad Mesclun Baby Leaf Mix Seeds

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Salad Leaves Mesclun Mixed

This mix provides quick growing, nutritious salad leaves in 40 days from sowing during summer months. It add tastes and textures to your mixed salads, sandwiches and garnishes.

Sow regularly all the year round for a constant supply of 'salad leaves'. Sow very thinly, 13mm deep in pots of multipurpose compost on the windowsill, large containers on the patio, or sow in drills 23cm apart in the garden. Thin seedlings to minimise overcrowding or spindly seedlings when large enough to handle to 6mm apart. If sown in the garden keep weed free and water well during dry periods. Harvest a few leaves from each plant regularly.

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