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Suffolk Herbs Good King Henry 200 Seeds

Suffolk Herbs Good King Henry 200 Seeds

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Good King Henry Chenopodium bonus henricus

The leaves can be used as an alternative to spinach, hence its other name of Lincolnshire Spinach. Sow in spring or early autumn. Height about 60cm.

Sow in pots in October/November, or alternatively sow in the spring. The seed should be sown in a gritty compost. In the Autumn they should be covered with about 1cm of compost (they require dark to germinate) and left outside to allow the winter weather to break down the dormancy. Nothing will happen until Spring as soon as the weather is conducive. In the Spring the seed should only be lightly covered as it needs light to germinate (since it hasn't been chilled). Good King Henry is notoriously hard to germinate, and germination could take weeks or months.

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