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Suffolk Herbs Greek Oregano 1000 Seeds

Suffolk Herbs Greek Oregano 1000 Seeds

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Greek Oregano Oreganum vulgare

This is considered to be the best of all the oregano types for flavour. The growth habit and leaf size varies but the height is about 50-60cm. The plant stems can get very woody, with oval, sometimes fuzzy, dark green leaves in opposite pairs. The flower stalks are spiky and may be white, pink or purple.

Sow inside at any time in trays or small pots. Use a peat-based compost and sow thinly, covering with glass until the seedlings appear. Keep at 22C for high germination. Alternatively, sow outside in spring in good garden soil in full sun. Barely cover with soil and water well. It needs light to germinate. Thin and transplant to growing site when large enough. Optimum germination takes place at 22C within ten to fourteen days. Few pests bother oregano, but keep an eye out for spider mites and aphids.

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