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Suffolk Herbs Green Mint 1000 Seeds

Suffolk Herbs Green Mint 1000 Seeds

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Green Mint Mentha viridis

The leaves are used for the traditional mint sauce or mint tea. Once established the roots can be invasive so plant out with care. It grows to a height of about 60cm.

Sow outside in partial shade in well-dug, fertile and water-retentive soil. Alternatively, sow inside in a tray in soil-less compost, covering with sieved compost, and maintain at 20C. Prick out into pots when large enough. Then transplant outside into rich, moisture-retaining soil in sun or shade.

Mint has shallow, creeping roots which can be broken off and placed either directly in the ground or in pots containing potting compost. Because mint is such a strong-growing plant, it can easily kill nearby plants. The solution when planting outside is to sink a bottomless container, in the ground and plant only the mint in this area. If left to its own devices, it will rapidly take over your garden.

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