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Suffolk Herbs Lavender Munstead 110 Seeds

Suffolk Herbs Lavender Munstead 110 Seeds

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Lavender Munstead Lavendula angustifolia

This is a tall growing type suitable for hedging or individual plants. It features silvery foliage and lilac flowers that are highly scented. It grows to a height of 90cm. Slow and erratic germination.

Sow outside in spring, when the soil has warmed. Sow in shallow drills and cover with fine soil or compost. Water when dry. Thin out and transplant to a nursery bed to grow on when large enough. Plant in its permanent position during the second year. Lavender thrives in warm, well-drained soil with plenty of lime and full sun. Alternatively, sow inside in seed trays or small pots. Cover with glass until germination takes place. Keep at a temperature of 20C. When seedlings are large enough, prick out into small pots to grow on and gradually harden off.

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