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Tomato Rootstock Estamino Seeds

Tomato Rootstock Estamino Seeds

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Tomato Estamino - Pelleted Seed

These seeds are pelleted to make them easier to handle and sow. They are used by the professionals, but are also ideal for the home grower.

Strong, vigorous rootstock with a positive generative effect on the growth of the grafted cultivar. It does not have an excessive vegetative effect on the cultivar grafted onto it.
High Resistance to Tomato mosaic virus, Leaf mold, Fusarium wilt, Verticillium wilt, Fusarium crown and root rot
Intermediate Resistance to Root-knot, Tomato spotted wilt
Resistance to Silvering
Cleft Grafting
The seed of the rootstock variety are sown five to seven days earlier than the scion variety. When the rootstock is at the four to five leaf stage, using a clean razor blade (it is a good idea to tape one side of the blade to avoid accidents), cut back both rootstock and scion at right angles leaving two leaves on each stem (1).
Cut a cleft into the end of the rootstock (2).
The stem of the scion is cut in a wedge and the tapered end fitted into a cleft cut (3).
Hold the graft together with a plastic grafting clip or cellotape (4).
Carry out the grafting in a shaded area of the greenhouse and maintain relatively high humidity to speed the healing process.

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