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Tomato San Marzano Seeds

Tomato San Marzano Seeds

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Tomato San Marzano


Tomato San Marzano is an Italian variety from the Campania region of Italy. These plants that produce plum shaped fruit ideal for cooking and making sauces. These tomatoes have a full flavour with few seeds. It is an indeterminate, cordon variety that can be grown in the greenhouse and outdoors. It is a heavy cropping variety.

Sow the seeds indoors on a warm kitchen windowsill or a greenhouse. Sow the seeds in a pot around 0.5cm deep and cover with a thin layer of compost. Keep the pot well-watered and warm. An ideal temperature of 15 – 20C is perfect. The seedlings will start to appear after 7 – 15 days. When the seedlings are large enough to handle transplant them into individual pots. Keep them growing on in cooler but not cold conditions. If the plants get too cold they will stop growing and struggle to get going again.

Plant out into the final location from April onward. They can be planted in large pots, grow bags or direct in the greenhouse. The plant will need supporting and remove any side shoors that form. The top can be pinched out after about 6 trusses. It is important that Tomatoes like lots of water, good ventilations and to be well feed after the first truss has formed.


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